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How does Readable work?

Readable works by analysing your content for readability, tone and style. It identifies key areas of your content that need improvement. It also gives you editing suggestions. This take the guesswork out of content editing and allows you to methodically improve your text.

Firstly, we have our Text tool. You can copy and paste text into the tool. We'll analyse your readability, style and language. Readability issues are highlighted for you. Scores are updated in real time as you work on your text.

If you want to score something else, we can help. We have tools to analyse Word documents, PDFs, emails and URLs. If you have a spreadsheet with a large volume of content, we can bulk score it row by row.

If you have a website you want to analyse, we have ReadableWeb. Simply plug your domain into ReadableWeb. We will crawl your entire site. We will analyse every page and show you which ones need the most attention.

Finally, we have a readability scoring API. You can use this to integrate Readable into your own software or website backend.

Updated on: 20/11/2020

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