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How protected is my copyrighted work?

Every piece of content - text, URLs, websites and uploaded files - is processed through our secure and dedicated servers. The only person that has access to the text is yourself.

If you have a CommercePro or AgencyPro account with multiple users, content is not shared. However, we are adding a content collaboration feature very soon.

We store your content on our servers in various ways, depending on how you use ReadablePro.

Text: your content is removed from our servers a couple of minutes after you leave the text scoring page.
API: content stays on our servers for 24 hours.
URL: this is open data that anyone can access online.
File: content is saved to our server until you delete it.

We provide a content safety guarantee. We will never use your content for our own needs and will not sell it to third parties.

Updated on: 07/04/2020

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