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Why was my card declined?

It can be frustrating when your payment is declined, especially if you know there is no issue with funds or your account. Hopefully we can help!

There are a couple of common causes for payments to be declined, which we've outlined below, but the only way to find out for certain why the payment didn't go through is going to be to ask your bank.

Usually, the issue is due to one of these common causes:

It is an international payment (for those outside the UK)
The payment is in a category not allowed for the account type (common for businesses)
The payment has triggered an automated fraud prevention system (the transaction is unusual for your account)

Unfortunately, with these types of issue, we're usually not able to offer more specific information about why the payment was declined, so what we recommend in these situations is that you call your bank to find out more. In most cases, the bank simply removes whatever block it is they have in place and you are then able to make youur payment normally.

Updated on: 07/04/2020

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